Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Elisey Mysin

Being born with a natural talent for anything is a gift, but when you become a master of the piano before your tenth birthday, it’s a miracle. This miracle’s name is Elisey Mysin, and he’s from Russia. He’s incredibly cute with blond hair and an angelic smile, and at first glance, he’s like any 
other boy his age. When he starts to play, jaws drop.

Elisey was born in the city of Stavropol, in southwest Russia. According to his family, Elisey loved the piano before he was even born. His older sister played the piano, and whenever she practised, their mother could feel Elisey start to move and react to the music. It was almost like he was dancing!

It’s no wonder that Elisey started to learn to play the piano when he was just three. It became apparent very quickly that Elisey went beyond gifted and into prodigy levels of skill. His teachers began to compare him to the ability Mozart himself had exhibited at the same age. That’s quite a compliment! Elisey more than lives up to it.

He appeared on Russian television when he was only five, accompanying fellow Russian pianist Denis Matsuev. They played a song called Blue Bird, and the viewers were blown away by his talent.

Since then, Elisey has continued to study and currently attends the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory. He is a student of Natalia Trull, an award-winning Russian pianist. He is now only twelve but has still had a career that pianists two or three times his age would envy.

He has performed many more times with fellow piano virtuoso Denis Matsuev. Elisey has also played with Russia’s National Symphony and Youth Symphony orchestras, played Chopin’s Nocturne in C♯ minor on television and at the seventeenth International Piano Forum.

The maturity and expressiveness Elisey displays is unbelieveable for such a young boy. It seems that if you’re a prodigy the usual rules do not apply. If you want to see and hear it for yourself, check out this video recorded at the Moscow Conservatory.( He plays Mozart’s concert No. 3 in D major and his perfomance is perfect, even though he can barely reach the pedals. One commenter explains this remarkable gift perfectly:

“It’s weird and beautiful how music combines all ages, from a very young pianist like him, and even elderly people plus some people with the age of like 20 to 30. Music is the only language that does not differentiate between young and old and it solely depends on talent and knowledge.”

Since it was uploaded it has been watched 4.2 million times and received 69,000 likes. It will certainly have helped swell the subscribers to Elisey’s channel, not that he really needs it. The channel has 269,000 subscribers and several of his videos have received more than a million watches. This 
would be considered extremely successful for anyone but for a boy who isn’t even twelve it’s incredible. Surely, there must be lots more to come from this young prodigy.

If you would like to see more from this talented young pianist, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel. (


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