Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vegetative state

A Taiwanese student who "miraculously awoke" after being in a vegetative state for three months and after three years of rehabilitation, returned to National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to finish his university education and received personal greetings and encouragement from President Ma Ying-jeou Friday at his graduation ceremony...

The son of a farming family is the pride of his parents, in particular since he has been accepted by the university's graduate school to pursue studies in agribusiness management.

Yang fell into a coma following a car accident. Diagnosed as Glasgow Coma Scale 3, the NPUST junior was considered by doctors at first to be on the brink of brain death. When he awoke, the damage to his brain had led to difficulties in expressing himself and an inability to move...

Impressed by his willpower to return to school and his aspiration for a career in farming, Yang's parents not only helped arrange his rehabilitation but also accompanied him in the classroom to provide assistance.


See: Traumatic brain injury 5/7/15
See also: (cited below under "Ten Years After Terri Schiavo, Death Debates Still Divide Us: Bioethicist" April 2, 2015 in the comment from April 7, 2015)

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