Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tragic stories

A father of a patient underwent pancreatic transplant for chronic pancreatitis.  Unfortunately, the transplanted pancreas was cancerous.  The father passed away shortly thereafter.

The mother of a patient had longstanding diabetes mellitus type 1.  She underwent a kidney transplant.  Subsequently, she had a deceased donor pancreas transplant.  3 weeks later the 15 year old donor was discovered on autopsy to have a malignant leptomeningeal T-cell lymphoma.  The presumed cause of death had been bacterial meningitis. The pancreas was explanted and found to contain anaplastic lymphoma.  The lymphoma was subsequently determined to be widespread and shortly thereafter caused the mother to pass away.


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  1. A young child with PKU was left unattended in the home bathtub. His mother than found him submerged. The mother panicked and ran to get a neighbor's assistance without first retrieving the child from the bathtub. The child survived with significant hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.