Monday, April 4, 2016

NICU consults pediatric neurology

NICU Consults Pediatric Neurology Team to Deliver Great News to Family

AUSTIN, TX – After her 17th consult that day from the ER for tics, a pediatric neurology fellow was excited to receive a consult from the NICU “to deliver good news to a family.”

The baby was a former 27-week preemie born via emergency C-section.  Her three-and-a-half-month hospital course had been complicated by chronic lung disease, several episodes of sepsis, necrotizing enterocolitis, anemia of prematurity requiring transfusions, jaundice, and PDA status-post ligation.

She is ready for discharge, so a STAT pediatric neurology consult was called.

She underwent head ultrasound, MRI brain, MRA head/neck, video EEG, ophthalmologic exam, and ABR, all of which were reassuringly normal.  None of the results have been shared with the family because the NICU team thought neurology should “share the good news with the family” since they rarely get that opportunity.

As usual, when the pediatric neurology fellow reviewed the results with the family, they cried.  This time with tears of joy.

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