Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Treatment of phenylketonuria with a low phenylalanine diet

The therapeutic trial involved two idiots and an imbecile. Case 2 was much less severely retarded than Case 1.  The older brother of Case 2 was a phenylketonuric ament, as was the older brother of Case 3.  Ament or its derivative is used 5 times in the article, in contrast to idiot and imbecile which are each used only once. Case 3's course was rather stormy on treatment.  The patient had petit mal seizures before dietary restriction, but then developed major epilepsy and status epilepticus, but later improved (see page 58 of the article).

WOOLF LI, GRIFFITHS R, MONCRIEFF A. Treatment of phenylketonuria with a diet
low in phenylalanine. Br Med J. 1955 Jan 8;1(4905):57-64.
Inspired by a conference I am attending.

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