Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Topiramate facilitating eating disorders

In an article published online April 6 in Pediatrics, the investigators describe seven girls aged 13 to 18 years in whom serious eating disorders developed or were exacerbated after the initiation of topiramate therapy for migraine prevention. Although four of the girls had clear preexisting eating disorder pathology, none had received an eating disorder diagnosis or treatment before starting topiramate.
Three of the patients endorsed no eating disorder symptoms before starting topiramate, although one patient had a family history of eating disorders. It's possible that all three patients had risk factors or subthreshold symptoms of eating disorders despite not having outward signs.

Lebow J, Chuy JA, Cedermark K, Cook K, Sim LA. The Development or Exacerbation
of Eating Disorder Symptoms After Topiramate Initiation. Pediatrics. 2015 Apr 6.
pii: peds.2014-3413.

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