Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Posthumous editorializing

Predatory Journal Lists Murdered Doctor as Its Editor-in-Chief

Roger Brumback
The researcher listed as the editor has been dead for two years.
The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine currently lists a doctor murdered in 2013 as its Editor-in-Chief.
The journal is published by Science and Education Publishing Co. Ltd., more commonly referred to as Science and Education or simply Scipub. Its URL is
The murdered editor is Dr. Roger Brumback, who was killed in 2013. Former medical resident Dr. Anthony Garcia stands accused of killing Dr. Brumback, his wife and two others and is scheduled to face trial in September, 2015, according to news reports.
Science and Education Publishing
Worthless publisher.
It is unclear whether Dr. Brumback agreed to serve as the journal’s Editor-in-Chief or whether the publisher added his name without his knowledge or permission, a common practice among predatory journals.
The journal began publishing in 2013, the year Dr. Brumback was murdered.
The publisher, Science and Education, purports to be headquartered in the United States state of Delaware, at an address that corresponds to a small apartment. I believe it is really operated from another country, but I don’t know which one.
I wrote a blog post about this publisher when it first appeared, in November, 2012. This publisher is exploiting the open-access publishing model only to earn easy money from researchers and should be avoided.
Hat tip: Dr John Prowle

From article comments:

Springer journal In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant, had still listed Prof. Atsushi Komamime on its editor board in February 2015 even though he had passed away in 2011. Only after insistent complaints to the EIC and Springer in February 2015 did finally, the editor board get updated sometime between April and June 2015. I ask, how is it possible that no editor board members, specifically the former EIC, Dr. John Finer, noticed this serious irregularity? Also, how did the plant science community not notice this? So, the phenomenon of using dead scientists to promote one’s image is certainly not limited to the predatory OA journals.

I checked one of the articles in AJMSM for plagiarism, “Ionizing Radiation in Medicine” by Askari. Mohammad Bagher.
It didn’t take long to discover that the abstract seems 100% copy pasted, from here ( and from the Wikipedia page on Ionizing Radiation as it existed shortly before the article was submitted.
The rest of the text seems unoriginal too.
Generally the abstract is the only original part of a plagiarized paper. This seems impressively thoroughly plagiarized.

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See:  Online journals  May 1, 2015

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