Thursday, November 19, 2015

Conjoined twins

A set of conjoined twins scheduled for delivery on Monday in Augusta, Georgia, can be seen in a sonogram facing one another as though embracing. The sonogram, which was taken at 15 weeks, shows the twin boys who are joined at the heart.

The boys’ mother, Brittany Crofton, 26, said the image was a rare sight.

"I didn't see, 'oh... conjoined [twins].' I didn't think about that. I saw two little babies," Crafton told Fox 5 Atlanta when she saw her first sonogram.

There is a good prognosis for survival, doctors at Georgia Regents Medical Center said. The boys share a heart and liver, have clubfoot and a dislocated hip.

Surgical separation is only possible if one of the babies receives a heart from a donor.

“What makes this case special, is that the heart the twins share is quite normal and has been functioning very well for them. So, we believe it will continue to function well after the delivery,” Dr. Paul Browne of the maternal-fetal medicine department at Georgia Regents University and Health System said in a news release.

The Georgia hospital where conjoined twins were born last week released a statement Thursday confirming that the newborns had died.

Chandler and Chance Crafton, who shared a heart and liver, suffered from clubfoot and had a dislocated hip, passed away Wednesday due to “multiple complex medical complications,” Georgia Regents Medical Center in Augusta said, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Their story had gone viral after their mother, 26-year-old Brittany Crafton, shared a sonogram photo of her sons that showed them embracing.

“I didn’t see, ‘oh … conjoined [twins].’ I didn’t think about that. I saw two little babies,” she told the news station at the time. Seeing them embrace in the second ultrasound ultimately drove her to carry the twins to full term.

“How could you do something to two little babies, just looking like they’re hugging each other?” she said. After their birth, she said her faith had helped her during the pregnancy and delivery.

Doctors had predicted that the boys had a good chance for survival, though the only chance for separation would have been if one received a donor heart. They were delivered via caesarian section Monday and had been listed in critical condition. The hospital said Crafton remains in good condition at this time, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

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