Thursday, August 15, 2019

First birthday for infant with predicted six hour survival

A young infant born with a severe heart defect is being hailed as a miracle baby as she is set to celebrate her first birthday just months after being taken off life support with few prospects of survival.

Phoenix Da'Vine, who is set to turn 1 on August 25, was born with a major heart defect known as Double Outlet Right Ventricle, which required several surgeries to ensure her survival, Monique Goldring, the girl’s mother, said in a GoFundMe post.

“Phoenix's first palliative surgery took place on September 4, 2018 where she had a pulmonary arterial (PA) band surgically placed to limit the amount of blood that was flowing to her lungs in order to prevent congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, Phoenix was unable to tolerate the PA band, so she required a second surgery,” Goldring wrote at the time.

A second surgery was performed a short time later on October 30 to remove the band.

Several months later in March, Phoenix went into cardiac arrest and suffered serious complications as a result.

It was not immediately clear from the GoFundMe post where Phoenix's family was from or what hospital performed the procedures.

Her doctors told WJLA that Phoenix suffered major brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and was placed on life support.

Sometime later, doctors informed Goldring that her daughter would likely not have a good quality of life and they discussed taking her off life support, a decision she eventually agreed to.

"I prayed. I asked her to let me know if she's tired," Goldring told the local station. "She turned around and looked directly at me. That's when I knew she was tired."

Phoenix was taken off life support in April with the promise of only six hours to live.

Hours turned into days. Despite the odds, Phoenix will now go on to celebrate her birthday later this month.

"The doctors say she won't walk, won't talk. I stress that she may not be doing those things right now but I was also told that she would be gone in six hours. So, I am going to just sit back and watch her thrive,” Goldring said.

According to WJLA [], Phoenix still requires two surgeries that doctors have refused to continue with, fearing she will not survive. She lives on oxygen and feeding tubes along with around-the-clock care.

Doctors told Monique she would only have six hours when they take her off life support.

Monique and the rest of the family prepared for their final goodbyes.

"Watch over your mommy in heaven. We will never forget you or your family" a nurse wrote. Even doctors and nurses wrote heartfelt messages for Monique as they prepared to take her off life support in April 2019.

"I went home that night. A lot of people will think that's crazy but I was at peace with her," says Monique. "I called the next morning and they said she was up and hanging out."

A few seconds, hours, days, and months later - Phoenix is now at home and will soon celebrate her first birthday on August 25th...

"She is continuing to defy the medical odds by living and thriving beyond what many expected" explains Johnson.

"We have to celebrate this milestone" laughs Monique.

Phoenix lives on oxygen, feeding tubes and around the clock medication with the help of Monique and her family and friends.

However, baby Phoenix is still in need of two surgeries. According to Monique, Inova and Children's National have declined to move forward fearing that she will not survive the surgery.

But, Monique won't stop there. "I am desperately hoping that somebody will look at her case and perform this surgery on her."

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