Sunday, October 8, 2017

The High Court as arbiter of human life

The parents of a brain damaged seven-month-old baby whose doctors wish to end his life say he deserves his chance to 'fight for his life' in a new High Court battle echoing the tragic case of Charlie Gard.  

Specialists at King's College Hospital in London say giving further intensive care treatment to seven-month-old Isaiah Thomas is 'futile, unduly burdensome and not in his best interests'.

Isaiah's mother Takesha Thomas and father Lanre Haastrup want treatment to continue...

Miss Thomas said outside the High Court today: 'We believe that Isaiah deserves his chance to fight for his life and that there is still more that can be done for him. We do not think it is in our son's best interests to stop the treatment which is keeping him alive'.

His father Lanre said previously: 'It's like the Charlie Gard case. They want to end my son's life'.

The couple say they have 'lost all trust' in the hospital, after Isaiah suffered brain damage, resulting from complications during labour on February 18 this year.

She said in August: 'I could feel the baby shaking inside of me. He was inhaling blood'.

Isaiah's 'respiratory drive' was damaged, which means although he is growing normally he has trouble breathing on his own.

His doctors believe it would be better to let him die but his parents are refusing to accept he can't be helped.

Today a judge examined preliminary issues around Isaiah's case at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court on Friday.

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