Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Felbamate for infantile spasms syndrome resistant to first-line treatments

Blandine Dozières-Puyravel, Hala Nasser, Vanina Bellavoine, Adina Ilea, Catherine Delanoe, Stéphane Auvin.  Felbamate for Infantile Spasms Syndrome Resistant to First-Line Treatments. Dev Med Child Neurol 2019 Dec 18[Online ahead of print]


Aim: To analyse the effects of felbamate in refractory infantile spasms/West syndrome.

Method: We conducted a 10-year retrospective study of infants (including all infants younger than 18mo) treated with felbamate for electroencephalography-recorded epileptic spasms persisting after first-line treatment.

Results: In total, 29 infants (17 males, 12 females) were included in the study. Felbamate was initiated at a mean age of 13.8 months (range 4.5-66mo) after sequential administration or combination of vigabatrin and oral steroids; a ketogenic diet was implemented in 23 infants. Eight infants became spasm-free at a mean dose of 34.6mg/kg/day felbamate (range 26-45mg/kg/day). Mean duration of felbamate use was 19 months (range 1-67mo) for the 19 infants whose treatment was terminated. No severe side effects were observed. Reversible neutropenia led to withdrawal of felbamate in six patients. One spasm-free patient demonstrated recurrence when felbamate was withdrawn.

Interpretation: N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors with felbamate controlled epileptic spasms in eight infants resistant to first-line treatment should be targeted.

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