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Although the manufacturer’s blurb below does not suggest that Epi-Still treats epilepsy, what does Epi-Still imply?  After all, it’s not called Neuro-Still.  Inspired by a patient with epilepsy who is taking Epi-Still.

The nervous system forms part of a complex electrochemical process that acts as the body's control and communications center. It is responsible for sending, receiving, and processing nerve impulses throughout the body and coordinates muscle activity, thought, learning, memory, speech, the senses, and emotion. 

The nervous system relies on billions of tiny nerve cells, called neurons, to function. Neurons carry information by sending electrochemical impulses through the nerves to other muscles and organs.

The most complex organ, the brain, receives around 20 percent of the body’s blood, nutrients, and oxygen supply. This is a great indication of just how vital and precious this organ is – and how important it is to keep the delicate balance in the brain constant.

Sometimes, conditions such as common symptoms of stress and anxiety can cause the nervous system to work in overdrive. This in turn can cause an imbalance in electrical activity in the brain, and possibly an overactive nervous system in certain temporary situations. Returning the nervous system to regular harmony and functioning plays a factor in our overall holistic health.
Epi-Still™ is a 100% safe and effective, non-addictive, natural herbal supplement. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine to support nervous system harmony and healthy brain functioning, Epi-Still™ promotes healthy neurons, neural connections, and electrical activity in the brain.

Epi-Still™ contains a scientifically chosen selection of herbs known to support nervous system calm and stability during stress-related episodes. Using a unique, therapeutic blend of herbal ingredients passion flower and skullcap in a concentrated liquid formula, Epi-Still™ provides support for an improved mood temperament as well as relaxation for a restful night's sleep.

To learn more about this product's individual natural ingredients, click here.

Epi-Still™ is vegetarian-friendly, Kosher-certified, and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or added gluten. Available in liquid tincture form, it is easy to administer: Either mix drops with water or juice, or drop directly into the back of the mouth. Epi-Still™ works in conjunction with Triple Complex Calm Tonic™, a homeopathic medicine for temporary relief from common symptoms of stress and worry.

To ensure the safety of Epi-Still™ and provide the highest quality, most effective product, we use only Premium Whole Herb manufacturing. This process excludes the use of any chemical solvents during extraction and maintains the balance and harmony of the whole herb. All Native Remedies products are manufactured in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities.


From http://www.manataka.org/page1845.html

Proven herbal epileptic seizures remedy and alternative epilepsy drugs treatment


Natural Remedy for Epilepsy Reduces Frequency and Severity of Seizures

Use Epi-Still:

For acute treatment of seizure symptoms, including generalized (grand mal) and absence (petit mal) seizures
To limit after-effects of seizures such as drowsiness and confusion
To prevent and reduce the frequency and severity of seizures
To prevent over-stimulation of the nervous system
To regulate blood pressure and reduce fever…
Epi-Still is a 100% safe and effective natural remedy for preventing and treating seizures. Due to the high safety profile of all the ingredients, Epi-Still will not cause any side-effects or damage to the organs like many synthetic medications do.

This remedy can be used effectively on its own for people who are not currently using prescription medications or can be taken in combination with anticonvulsant medications to improve their effectiveness as well as to allow for lower dosages and subsequently fewer side-effects.

The gentle and natural ingredients of Epi-Still may take several weeks to take full effect and, as with most natural remedies, regular dosage and a little patience is required in order to see the full benefits.


  1. I have been using EpiStill for 2 weeks now on my 6 yr. old daughter. It is working. Let me give you a little history background on her. When she was 2 yrs. old she started having complex partial seizures in the frontal lobe. Her epilepsy is idiopathic. We were told that she would most likely out grow them in 2-3 years. However, we have never been able to gain control of her seizures. On average she has 1 seizure every week. That has been during the "good" times. At the age of 4 she was hospitalized twice because the seizures would escalade to over 100 a day.

    Since her last hospitalization which was exactly one year ago she has been having 1 a week until this past 6 weeks where she has increased to 4 a week. Her meds have been increased 4 times this past year. She is still having just as many and now more seizures than she was when she was on the lower dose of medication.

    I purchased EpiStill 1 1/2 years ago. I never used it because she ended up back in the hospital before it arrived. It has sat in my cupboards for a year and a half. After this last med increase, which didn't change the number of seizures AGAIN, we decided to pull out the epistill and give it a try. She has had 1 seizure in two weeks and that 1 seizure was at the beginning. Her behavior has improved also. She suffers from "bad behavior" due to her "abnormal" brain activity in the frontal lobe. The neurologist says that about 25% of kids with seizures in the frontal lobe act without regard to consequences. That is exactly her.

    Anyway, the reason I was googling/searching for info on epistill is because she has started peeing the bed since being on it. I wanted to see if I could find anyone else with that? Bedwetting has never been a problem. However, if this is the only side effect, I'll take it. Her seizures have subsided and her behavior is amazingly normal finally. We'll see how it goes in time, but the first two weeks it has definitely made a difference.


    1. NATURAL & EFFECTIVE TREATMENT TO SEIZURE: Our son has temporal lobe epilepsy, He has seizure and had a grand mal with rage, Our son's seizure is constant throughout the day according to EEG results. We had used several medicine which include: 600 Epitol 100 Zarontin,
      150 Epitec X2 Daily, Topomax lasted for about 3 days, but I put an end to that due to my son losing weight and being lethargic. I recently got Dr Uribhor herbal medicine,that's a natural medicine that cure my son Epilepsy with no side effect. It is an herbal medicine. it is a permanent cure and effective treatment of Epilepsy, for more info, you can also contact Dr. Uribhor with this email uribhorbreezeherbalhome@gmail.com for advice and his product

  2. Epi-Still is a proven natural herbal epileptic seizures remedy, for acute treatment of seizure symptoms, including generalized (grand mal) and absence (petit mal) seizures

    BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!...

    What are the Epi-Still Ingredients?
    Cuprum metallicum (30C)
    Cicuta virosa (30C)...

    Concurrent use with Triple Complex Nerve Tonic is highly recommended. For people currently taking prescription anticonvulsants, we also recommend our Liver Dr. formula in order to help protect the liver from possible harmful effects of the pharmaceutical drugs...

    How long until I see results?
    When used acutely, Epi-Still should take effect almost immediately and the seizure will resolve more quickly than usual and have less severe after-effects. When used regularly on a chronic basis, Epi-Still will gradually decrease the frequency and severity of seizures over time.


  3. Another patient's mother reports being told by the mother of a child with Dravet syndrome that holy basil added to his valproate therapy had resulted in significant improvement. My patient is also being treated with valproate, so his mother, as well, is now trying holy basil.

    Jaggi RK, Madaan R, Singh B. Anticonvulsant potential of holy basil, Ocimum sanctum Linn., and its cultures. Indian J Exp Biol. 2003 Nov;41(11):1329-33.

    Callus cultures from stem of O. sanctum were induced on slightly modified Murashige and Skoog's (MS) medium and supplemented with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D, 1-2 ppm) and kinetin (kn, 1 ppm). Different extractives of stem, leaf and stem callus of O. sanctum were tested for anticonvulsant activity against standard drug phenytoin using maximal electroshock (MES) model. Ethanol and chloroform extractives of stem, leaf and stem calli were effective in preventing tonic convulsions induced by transcorneal electroshock.

  4. How my daughter was saved from grand mal seizure.
    I am not really a fan of sharing my personal private story on the internet but i decided to do this because this joy is too voluminous for me to hide. My daughter which i took over 8 years after marriage to conceive had her first seizure at age 8 and ever since then it has been from one seizure to another in school, in church, at picnics. This got me worried because she has a bright future that i do not want epilepsy to become a hindrance, i tried several doctors in Texas and none could help with an effective cure. I went on the internet and saw testimonies about a treatment for epilepsy which a doctor offered and i was interested, i got in contact with him and i was able to get the medicine for my daughter which she used for 3 months as he instructed and it has been over 6 months now she is doing just fine without any allergies or aftermath effects. If you are suffering problem try to reach him too on (josephalberteo@gmail.com) i can count on him for a cure for you too.

  5. See the comment immediately preceding. Further testimonials for josephalberteo@gmail.com:

    Natural medicine for epilepsy.
    My daughter started having seizures in 2008 and she was diagnosed later that year of epilepsy. We tried all the medications, drugs and therapy but it continued and she felt her end has come because she had seizure in front of the whole class this really made her angry, frustrated we usually used injections to keep her normal again and this do nor normally last long. All drugs failed and there was no improvement on her condition. A church member gave me Dr Humphrey's contact and told me how he helped her neighbour using his medicine. I got the medicine and used it and it was really good, since then he has improved and the seizures are gone. If you need to contact him just reach him directly on josephalberteo@gmail.com for advise and for the medicine…

    How my son survived epilepsy.
    My son at the age of 13 suffered from terrible seizures as a result of the terrible condition called epilepsy and this was very humiliating and life threatening because he was continously on life support drugs and medicines but none seemed to cure all they did was revive him and the seizure kept coming to him this lasted for 8 more years. The last time he had seisure in may last year i was called where i worked that my son had a terrible seizure, he was also revived from that but that day i wept. I was fortunate enough to explain my ordeal to a friend who invited Dr. Joseph who came and started treating my son with his medicine at our house for two months and in 3 months the seizure never happened again they were gone and even up till now he is very fine without any epileptic symptoms. Today he 22 and i believe he has been cured. Epilepsy has a cure simply try to reach the doctor on (josephalberteo@gmail.com) for more information about his treatment process or how to get his medicine. Do not give up on yourself, i hope my son's story motivates you…

    For 18 years my daughter Emily was affected by the problem of seizure (epilepsy) which was characterized by sensory disturbance, convulsion which comes when you least expect it. I tried several drugs prescribed by the doctor like acetazolamide, clonazepam, carbamazepine, but was ineffective and the problem kept repeating itself. I got Doctor Joseph's contact from a colleague who told me about him. I contacted him and he sent me his herbal medicine, which my daughter Emily used for 3 weeks. It's been over three years now and no seizure has occurred since, i decided to share my story to motivate those still held bound by this not to lose hope. You too can contact him on directly (josephalberteo@gmail.com) i am positive he can help you too.


  6. Am One of the happiest woman on earth since my son was cured from the problem of seizure,which he has been having for eight years now,he do have the attack two to three times a week,which is affecting is education and his life.i got the contact of a doctor from the post of one Mr smith thanking he for curing his seizure problem,i got the contact and contacted him then he made me to know that the medication is a permanent cure, and that was how i got the medication which i used on my son,and for six month now there have been no sign of seizure in him again.any one with such problem can contact him on his email drwilliams098765@gmail.com

  7. ALL THANKS TO DR WILLIAMS FOR THE GREAT DEED HE HAVE DON FOR MY FAMILY.This information will be useful for Epilepsy patients who is willing to use herbal medicine. My daughter had temporal lobe epilepsy, She had seizure and had a grand mal with rage episode. Our daughter's seizure is constant throughout the day. We had used several medicine which include: Epilim and Keppra, experience seizure control at the cost of serious debilitating side effects. It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about Dr. William HERBAL HOME,for different king of disease , it does not have any side effect. I am glad to say that he has been seizure-free since July 2016 after taking William medicine. this a miracle cure?contact him for more detail (drwilliams098765@gmail.com)

  8. Michael Elizabeth commented on a post on Blogger.
    Hello to you all, I am michael Elizabeth from UK, I want to share this testimony to all of you out there, seeking for treatment for your illness, I had seizure, it was gradually killing me, I went to many hospital for treatment but each time i am treated it goes and then come back again, i was so worried until i met Dr.davismartin on the internet, he told me he could cure the seizure i did not believe him, but since i really needed help i decided to give him a try, he prepare some medicine and sent to me, after drinking it for 9 days i went back for Lab text, it was gone, then i decided to wait for another 6 month, it is now 8 months, the seizure is no longer traceable in my blood, i have be completely treated and cure of seizure, so i am using this chance to tell everybody out there who has seizure or any other illness, to please contact Dr.davismartin, he also has the cure for HIV/AIDS, HERPES, CANCER, ALS AND WARTS and cure for many other Sexually Transmitted Decease STD.if you need his help please contact him on drdavismartin62@gmail.com

  9. I myself have epilepsy. Not to this extreme with grand mail seizures daily, but it still affects me in other ways daily. I am on medicine, which has slowly stopped working and I notice my twitches, blank stares, and memory loss (even in the midst of a sentence) starting to return. The side effects of this drug is noticeable and painful to deal with. It is so strong that if a normal person were to take my dose, they will die of an overdose.when i was going through the internet i come across Owens post thanking Dr Lewis hill for curing his seizure problem, and i got the contact of Dr Lewis hill and i quickly contacted him then he made me to know that the medication is 100% cure, and that was how i got the medicine which i used, after which i went for medical test It worked! Over a year now, i have not show any symptoms of seizure and I believe that am cure permanently if you need his help email him on drlewishill247@gmail.com

  10. I am Sophie from Canada, I once suffered from a terrible and Chronic epilepsy ,since i was bone , the doctor told me there was no permanent cure i was given medications to slow down its progress, i constantly felt my health was deteriorating as i constantly go out of breath,and this illness was really terrible especially when am going out with my friends, i have this constant disorder for about 31 years, this was really a terrible illness ,on thin one day that i was going through the internet,and i came across a post of Mrs Kate on how his son was been cured from epilepsy through the help of Dr Williams herbal product, I contacted this herbal doctor via his email and explain everything to him and make purchase of his product,few days later he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received the herbal medicine i used it for 4 weeks as prescribed and i was totally cured of epilepsy within those week of usage,on thin now i have not experience any sign of seizure.if you need his help you can Contact this herbal doctor via his email drwilliams098675@gmail.com for help

  11. ALL THANKS TO DR WILLIAMS FOR THE GREAT DEED HE HAVE DON FOR MY FAMILY.This information will be useful for Epilepsy patients who is willing to use herbal medicine. My daughter had temporal lobe epilepsy, She had seizure and had a grand mal with rage episode. Our daughter's seizure is constant throughout the day. We had used several medicine which include: Epilim and Keppra, experience seizure control at the cost of serious debilitating side effects. It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about herbal Dr. William,who uses herbal medicine in curing people from epilepsy,i was so glad to contact him on his email and make an order for his medication, it does not have any side effect. I am so glad to say that she has been seizure-free since July 2015 after taking William medicine. this a miracle cure?contact him for more detail (drwilliams098675@gmail.com) thanks once again admin for such an informative blog.

  12. [Nita wanted to post his comment under Epileptiform K-complexes and sleep spindles on 12/30/17, but it seem more appropriate here]

    Dear FRIENDS, now i have a beautiful smiling face and so are which you all, after reading my testimony. My name is Nita, I am 31 years old, And live with my boyfriend in Belgium, but I am UK. I have been diagnosed with epilepsy since birth, which the Doctors told me this condition was forever. I know how you feel and what you are going through, I don't have a baby though. I just want to tell you that I am cured now,with the help of doctor williams herbal medication, the last time I can remember having epilepsy was January this year. It was a long and difficult process but I am so thankful to dr williams I don't have it anymore. Please know you can be cured too. Accept what happened and is happening to you, forgive, let the past go, love yourself and others unconditionally and be thankful. Everything happens for a reason. If you want to be in contact with dr williams and share your own testimony and thoughts feel free to e-mail him on; drwilliams098675@gmail.com for advice.

  13. [Anne Nichols wanted to post her comment under Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma on 1/12/18, but it seemed more appopriate here.]

    I was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) 15 months ago. At that time riluzole was prescribed. I found I could not tolerate it. did very little to help me. The medical team did even less. My decline was rapid and devastating. The psychological support from the medical centre was non-existent and if it were not for the sensitive care and attention of my primary physician, I would have died. There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. My ALS got significantly worse and unbearable because of my difficulty catching breath. Last year, i started on a natural ALS Herbal therapy from Mbeki Herbal Clinic, i read a lot of positive reviews from patients who used the treatment and i immediately started on it. I had great relief with this herbal treatment. I am doing very much better now, no case of shortness of breath or difficulty swallowing,, my ALS condition is totally reversed. Visit Mbeki Herbal Clinic website ww w. mbekiherbalclinic. com.

  14. Re comment December 30, 2017: Nita wanted to post her comment.


    Hi everyone, my name is Leen. I once shared a testimony of my cure from epilepsy. I actually had a lot of people who wrote and asked if it was true. Yes it is! I would not waste my precious time to come on the internet just to say what wasn't true. I understand most of you have doubts; I once had it too, in fact I was so afraid, to get HILTON, because I felt it won’t probably work having taken all "researched" Conventional medicines for years. Doctor Mohan herbal medicine proved my doubts WRONG.

    Overtime, I have come to realize that seizure is not actually the big problem, the fear of finding alternative cure is. We are afraid of what the Doctor told us, "NEVER TO MISS A DOSE", never to go out and find a cure, we should live a pity party life, always watch time so we can stick to our drugs, they can't do anything to cure us, but we have to keep suppressing it with medications whose side effects are worse than their solutions. I believe freedom comes the day we begin to realize that we have been in the chains of fear, in chains of Doctors expert opinion, while we suffer shame, criticism, segregation and discriminations from those who do not know what it feels like to deal with seizure. Here I am today, being thankful that I broke all rules of fears, went overboard and finally got my desired cure. For 3 years now, I can sit and smile and say I overcame seizure! I won the war and battle my tonic-clonic had totally become a past.

    I am sharing this testimony again because I want others to find help just like I did. I knew what it was like, after spending money getting medications, and dealing with keppra and Lamictal side effects. To those who wrote that they contacted Doctor Mohan, and their seizure ceased totally after using HILTON, I will congratulate you all for having the courage to try. If you are still in doubt, I will advice you take a step and help yourself, help your child, or your spouse do not let their dreams die when HILTON herbal medicines can do wonder for them. To know more about HILTON which I used and got a permanent cure, visit Dr. Mohan blog via www.seizurecure.blogspot.com


    I am sharing this story for a family member who suffered seizure for 7 years. I am doing this, because I was the caregiver during her dark days and she gave me the honor to share it so that others can be helped through HILTON which cured her. It was a tough a battle for her; I was not actually the one who hard seizure, but bearing the burden makes me understand what parents whose children and love with epilepsy go through.

    Lesia now 25 and was diagnosed with Grand Mal epilepsy at the age of twelve, for seven years, she fought against her diagnosis. I must admit it was never easy for us as a family; we had to constantly watch her, and answer questions that we couldn’t explain. On several occasions, she asked if she will ever stop falling down, get well like her school mates and be the best swimmer she dreamt of becoming. She was a very happy child; and had a ‘normal’ childhood and there was no suggestion that she would later on develop epilepsy.

    She refused to accept defeat and fought seizure. She religiously kept to her medications in spite of their side effects. We all wanted a cure, so that she can chase her dream and live a normal life like every other child. But the more she takes these medications, the more her school grade drop. She couldn’t concentrate and we noticed that her memory was being severely adversely affected. Each time we went back to the hospital, her medicines were changed to a different one. Seems like, each change of drug brings about change in side effects. After about 6 years on Lamotrigine, Tegretol, and other medicines, it seemed the seizures started to increase in frequency. I had to make effort to reduce her medicines with plans to eventually stop it all. We found an alternative treatment in homeopathy, which was better than her English drugs. Gradually, I reduced her drugs, and her seizures were no longer as frequent as it was as when she was on conventional drugs.

    With our little breakthrough with homeopathy treatment, we made further search for natural cure. Fortunately we saw testimonies about herbal medicines which cure epilepsy. We saw a lot of claims though, contacted them and didn’t get a useful reply. Lucky for us, we finally got a reply from Doctor Mohan, he directed us to his blog where we saw a lot of information about his herbal medicine called HILTON. Without further delay I made a purchase for her, I switched her over to it. We had great breakthrough, that in 2 months, her seizure reduced. After 7 months as Doctor Mohan promised us, all seizures stopped. It was like a miracle for us. It has been 7 years Lesia became seizure free. Her story is quite lengthy, I hope it help someone out there. You may contact Dr. Mohan to know more via his email on. drajaymohanbose@gmail.com or visit his blog via www.seizurecure.blogspot.com

  17. ALL THANKS TO DR WILLIAMS FOR THE GREAT DEED HE HAVE DON FOR MY FAMILY.This information will be useful for Epilepsy patients who is willing to use herbal medicine. My daughter had temporal lobe epilepsy, She had seizure and had a grand mal with rage episode. Our daughter's seizure is constant throughout the day. We had used several medicine which include: Epilim and Keppra, experience seizure control at the cost of serious debilitating side effects. It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about herbal Dr. William,who uses herbal medicine in curing people from epilepsy,i was so glad to contact him on his email and make an order for his medication, it does not have any side effect. I am so glad to say that she has been seizure-free since July 2015 after taking William medicine. this a miracle cure?contact him for more detail (drwilliams098675@gmail.com) thanks once again admin for such an informative blog.

  18. I am Shelley from Los Angeles,California, I want to testify on how i got cured from seizure, I have suffered from seizure since the year 2011 with so mush anxiety ,that i have to spend so mush money getting pain relief in the hospital, and I have visited several doctor ,but all to no avail, my world was gradually coming to an end because of the fainting and muscle spasms , until i saw a post in a health forum about a herbal Dr Williams who use herbal portion in curing people from different kind of diseases including seizure, at first i doubted if it we be able to cure my Generalised tonic-clonic seizure , but i decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor via his email, he prepared a herbal portion and sent it to me via courier service, when i received this herbal medicine, he gave me step by step instructions on how to apply it, when i applied it as instructed, i was completely free from seizure just for 1 months of usage,i we recommend this to all my friend family in the world today who still suffering from seizure you can contact him through his email on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for help.

  19. CURE TO EPILEPSY WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECT: My son was diagnosed with epilepsy. My son epilepsy was something i don't understand he cry so bad that he was usually in bed for about 8 hours and soreness killers (even prescription strength) don't stop the crying (except taking him out) even if he take triple the dosage. my son symptoms was really so bad,that we have to make hospital our home, and all the doctors would do is monitor it, prescribe him countless of control pills and pain medication with no positive result. until recently I contacted a Doctor who put an end to this problem. If you are having same problem with epilepsy son contact Dr. William for advice and possible solution without any side effect drwilliams098675@gmail.com

  20. With Dr Williams herb i was completely free from epilepsy.You are an amazing doctor.Matching diagnosises aside, I just want to be your friend. Lol You inspire me on a feminist level. On an intelligence level. you are a good man doing so much for mankind, level.Thank you for being you.For keeping a lot of us . For reminding us that we aren’t a fucking statistic or a status, we are still PEOPLE. With brains and personalities and jobs and lives.I’ve been diagnosed for so many years now with epilepsy, and the roller coaster of emotions is all too real.I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say thank you. From the deepest part of my soul. THANK YOU.You give us all an indescribable level of comfort and absurdness in sharing our diagnoses and, almost a green light to continue to celebrate our lives,for you always been there.For every jerk who throws you hate, there are hundreds of us thanking the universe for you.for more information about Dr Williams product to epilepsy you can email him on drwillliams098675@gmail.com

  21. Thanks to Dr Williams I am so happy today, my wife have been suffering from epilepsy for so many years now, and i have spent a lot on western drugs which has all proved abortive, i have tried all means in life to get my wife out of this , but there was no answer until i decided to try herbal solution and i found Dr Williams online and i contacted him and after she took his medication as instructed, my wife is now completely cure from epilepsy within one month of usage, i am so much happy, thanks to Dr Williams for helping me get my wife life back again without any form of crisis, i promise to tell your name and good deeds to the whole world,if you have someone with epilepsy you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for more information .

  22. I am very happy to share this few lines of my testimony to the world and let the know that there is power in herbs, my daughter has Epilepsy and she always had seizure every month and this seizure can happen anywhere, this has been making me sad and my daughter also has been so sad about this because this has been happening to her since birth and its been 17years now of trying different herbs and medical doctors so that we can put a stop to this condition but nothing was working out and I lost hope in everything, not until one blessed day a friend of mine give me more courage and told me not to loose hope that I should keep trying and one day God in heaven will answer my prayers. I keep trying all the time every blessed day and one day I read about the wonderful works of Dr. Uribhor Breeze on newspaper and I quickly contacted him because I have more faith in the testimony I read about him on Newspaper, I explained everything to him and he asked for my address, after sending him the address, I got DHL tracking number and Receipt from him and he told me once I received the medicines that I should call him so that he can explain how to use it for me, I was so happy and waiting patiently, after three days I received it and I was directed how to use the herbs, to God who made me after my daughter finished using this herbs for one month, the seizure stopped and I contacted my Doctor and she was mark epilepsy free, I was so happy because God has finally open all doors that was closed before and I decided to watch her for some months, its over eight months now, no seizure anymore and she is free forever, this is a great news and I am sharing this also because there are thousands of people outside who needs Doctor help, I will advise you to contact him and the God who has done it for my daughter will also do it for you too, Amen.
    Doctor Email is uribhorbreezeherbalhome@gmail.com
    Feel Free to contact him now and believe me your testimony is waiting for you
    Website is https://uribhorbreezegreatherbalhome.wordpress.com/author/uribhorbreezegreatherbalhome/