Thursday, December 14, 2017

"The Last Downer"

As technology advances, humans with Down syndrome are being systematically eliminated via abortion. In Europe in particular, eugenics are flourishing in this regard, with nearly 92% of Down syndrome babies being killed off in the womb. The United States is, sadly, catching up, killing over 67% of our babies with the detected syndrome in utero.

A video concerning people with Down syndrome from 2016 recently resurfaced online and rightly struck a nerve. In the video, a man with Down syndrome speaks with an employee from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health, who proceeds to calculate how "expensive" the man is for society relative to "normal" citizens in the country.

According to a post on, the clip is from a show aired in the Netherlands called "The Last Downer," which features two advocates for people with Down syndrome who happen to have the syndrome themselves. The show focuses on "what society loses if Down syndrome disappears" and "the ethical, social and psychological consequences of having a child with Down syndrome."

"In the Netherlands, a TV show revolving around ‘the end of Down syndrome’ was recently aired on national television. The series, that was titled ‘The Last Downer’, explored what society loses if Down syndrome disappears. It also talked about the ethical, social and psychological consequences of having a child with Down syndrome," explains the site.

As troubling as the scene is to watch, the show apparently received backlash for being "too much in favor of the pro-life movement."

But this is the stuff of Nazis: the dehumanization of a group followed by their attempted elimination.

"Do the Dutch, who suffered under — and in many cases heroically resisted — Hitler's domination, forget that the 'final solution' began with the dehumanization and eugenic killing of the handicapped?" asked alarmed Princeton professor Robert P. George.

We should be asking the same question to our fellow American citizens.
(video at link)


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