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Tetra-amelia syndrome

Nick Vujicic is one of the seven known surviving individuals planet-wide who live with the tetra-amelia syndrome.

Imagine getting through your busy day without hands or legs. Picture your life without the ability to walk, care for your basic needs, or even embrace those you love. Meet Nicholas Vujicic (pronounced VOO-yee-cheech). Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, without arms and legs. Three sonograms failed to reveal complications. And yet, the Vujicic family was destined to cope with both the challenge and blessing of raising a son who refused to allow his physical condition to limit his lifestyle.

The early days were difficult. Throughout his childhood, Nick not only dealt with the typical challenges of school and adolescence, but he also struggled with depression and loneliness. Nick constantly wondered why he was different than all the other kids. He questioned the purpose of life, or if he even had a purpose.

According to Nick, the victory over his struggles, as well as his strength and passion for life today, can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends and the many people he has encountered along the journey have inspired him to carry on, as well.

Since his first speaking engagement at age 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions, sometimes in stadiums filled to capacity, speaking to a range of diverse groups such as students, teachers, young people, business professionals and church congregations of all sizes. Today this dynamic young evangelist has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime. He’s an author, musician, actor, and his hobbies include fishing, painting and swimming. In 2007, Nick made the long journey from Australia to southern California where he is the president of the international non-profit ministry, Life Without Limbs, which was established in 2005.

Nick says, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!”


Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982 to Dušanka and Borislav Vujičić, Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia.

He was born with tetra-amelia without fully formed limbs. According to his autobiography, his mother refused to see or hold him while the nurse held him in front of her, but she and her husband eventually accepted their son's condition and understood it as "God's plan for their son".

Vujicic has two small and deformed feet, one of which he calls his "chicken drumstick" because of its shape.

Originally, he was born with the toes of that foot fused. So an operation was performed to separate the toes so that he could use them as fingers to grab, turn a page, or perform other functions. He has been able to use his foot to operate an electric wheelchair, a computer and a mobile phone. Vujicic attempted suicide but notes that he had an "amazingly normal childhood".

Vujicic thrived in his teenage and young adult years despite being bullied. After his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability when he was seventeen, he started to give talks at his prayer group. Vujicic graduated from Griffith University at the age of 21 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a double major in accountancy and financial planning….

In 2006, he moved to California. In 2008 in McKinney, Texas, near Dallas, he met Kanae Miyahara, the Mexican-born, Texas-based younger daughter of a Japanese agricultural engineer and a Mexican mother. She had come to hear him give a motivational speech. They married on 12 February 2012. The couple have four children: sons Kiyoshi James (b. 13 February 2013) and Dejan Levi (b. 7 August 2015), and identical twin daughters Olivia Mei and Ellie Laurel (b. 20 December 2017),  who were born on Kanae's birthday. The family lives in southern California.


Joanne O'Riordan (born 24 April 1996) is one of seven currently living people born with the condition Tetra-amelia syndrome, and is from Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland. She has addressed the United Nations and discussed technology with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Apple…

An invitation to appear on The Late Late Show, the world's longest running chat show, followed. This brought her even further to public attention. Not many knew of her before this but, ahead of her second appearance on the programme in June 2012, The Irish Times described O'Riordan as "one of the guests on the show in recent years who has made the most impact on viewers".

In April 2012, O'Riordan spoke before the United Nations in New York City, giving an address on the use of technology and challenging those present to build a robot for her to use.  A standing ovation followed.

Her brother Steven made a film of her life, titled No Limbs No Limits.

Prince Randian (sometimes misspelled Rardion or Randion; October 12, 1871 – December 19, 1934), also nicknamed as The Snake Man, The Human Torso, The Human Caterpillar and a variety of other names, was a Guyanese-born American performer with tetra-amelia syndrome and a famous limbless sideshow performer of the early 1900s, best known for his ability to roll cigarettes with his lips. He was reportedly brought to the United States by P.T. Barnum in 1889, age 18 and was a popular Coney Island carnival and circus attraction for 45 years. Prince Randian (credited "Rardion") was featured in the 1932 film Freaks, his only film appearance, in which he is seen lighting up a cigarette with a match.

Randian (whose birth name is unknown) was born with no arms and legs in Demerara, British Guyana. He was a Hindu and spoke Hindi, English, French, and German. According to a passenger manifest of SS Parima from April 14, 1917 he had lived previously at Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. With his wife, known as Princess Sarah (apparently a Hindu woman, born circa 1872), he fathered three daughters and a son. Their children were Mary Randian (born circa 1893), Richard Randian (born circa 1901), Elizabeth Randian (born circa 1904), and Wilhelmina Randian (born circa 1904).[2] In the 1920s he was working for Krause Amusement Company and lived in Plainfield, New Jersey. He and his wife lived at 174 Water Street, Paterson, New Jersey, until his death.

For his act, Randian wore a one-piece wool garment that fit tightly over his body, giving him the appearance of a caterpillar, snake or potato, and would move himself around the stage by wiggling his hips and shoulders. His best-known ability was rolling and lighting cigarettes using only his lips, but he was also capable of painting and writing by holding a brush or stylus with his lips and of shaving himself by securing a razor in a wooden block. He kept all of the props and materials used in his act in a wooden box that he reportedly constructed, painted and affixed a lock to by himself. His cigarette-lighting ability was featured in the MGM film Freaks.

Nick Vujicic




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