Sunday, November 11, 2018

Anencephaly 3

A television news anchor for WISH-TV News 8 in Indianapolis has rejected abortion for her unborn daughter who was recently diagnosed with a fatal disorder called anencephaly.

According to CNS News, Brooke Martin and her husband, Cole, said that "God has a plan" for their daughter's life even though she will live shorter than most people; that doesn't mean her life has no meaning or will not make an impact.

Anencephaly is a rare, often fatal brain condition. The Martins discovered the terrible news when Brooke visited the hospital for bronchitis several weeks ago.

"During the ultrasound when we made the discovery, I watched her stretching her legs and her arms, and her heart's beating so strong – she’s beautiful. She’s beautiful," Brooke said in an interview with Wish-TV. "And we’re so thankful for her."

Little Emma Noelle, the name Brooke and Cole chose for their daughter, will not be aborted, even though most doctors recommend that victims of anencephaly receive it.

"We found out it’s a girl, but she has zero chance of survival. We decided to carry her long term or as long as she survives," said Brooke. "We are heartbroken, you guys. We are so sad. But on the other hand, we are so confident that God has a plan for Emma, that He is going to redeem her story, and that no matter how long she is on this earth, she has a purpose."

When Emma Noelle will be born remains unknown at this time. She could either be stillborn or live for hours, possibly days outside her mother's womb.

The Martins ultimately hope that they will reunite with little Emma in eternity some day.
"So, there’s a lot of uncertainty, but we are just excited about just loving this little girl as long as we can," Brooke said. "You know, even when she’s inside, we trust that she can feel our love and know how much her mom and dad love her. And we know that we’ll be able to spend eternity with her someday. And that’s our confidence, and that’s our hope." 

The most famous example of parents giving a terminally ill unborn child life until natural death is the couple who took their baby on a "bucket list" tour while still in the womb. Their son also died of anencephaly.

Back in 2014, when Philadelphia couple Dan and Jenna Haley learned that their unborn son would live only a few days after birth, they made him a bucket list, taking him to all the sites and locations they wanted to share with him.

"We learned of his condition on April 10,” Dan, 25, told ABC News in 2014. "We were shocked and devastated. It's definitely not something anyone ever expects to hear. As we learned more about his diagnosis we experienced pretty much every emotion you could imagine."

"When we found out that Jenna was expecting, we would often talk about all of the places that we wanted to go as a family after Shane was born," Dan recalled. "After his diagnosis and understanding that almost 100 percent of babies with anencephaly die shortly after birth, we decided to start visiting the places we had wanted to go with him while he was living in his mother's womb."

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