Friday, November 10, 2017

Gottesfeld update 2

Dear President Trump and Attorney General Sessions,

My name is Dana Gottesfeld. I am the 27-year-old American wife of imprisoned human rights activist Marty Gottesfeld. We need your help.

On October 1st, 2014, the Boston FBI knocked on our door.

We thought they were finally responding to our calls requesting investigations into horrific child abuse, including the physical and mental torture of Justina Pelletier by Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH).

FBI Special Agents Hughes and Michael W. Tunick initially feigned interest in protecting kids. But pursuing justice for Justina and other abused children wasn’t on their agenda. Instead, they were at our door serving as henchmen for the abusers who nearly killed her.

They had a search warrant signed by Magistrate Marianne Bowler, who is best known for prematurely ending the interrogation of the surviving Boston Marathon bomber by reading him his rights. Republicans sharply criticized Bowler for preventing law enforcement from questioning him further under the public safety exception to the Miranda rule.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Magistrate Marianne Bowler had worked for Harvard Medical School and is married to a professor there. This is very significant because Boston Children’s Hospital – the $2 billion institution that tortured Justina – is Harvard Medical School’s primary pediatric teaching affiliate.

Tunick and Hughes came to search for evidence that it was Marty who had catalyzed Justina’s release by staging a high-profile digital sit-in of Boston Children’s Hospital during its largest annual online fundraiser. Marty did what no one else could or would at the time by holding BCH accountable, in front of millions of Americans, for torturing Justina and her family. Marty’s brave actions directly led to Justina’s release and she recently thanked him in a Rolling Stone magazine interview.

Magistrate Bowler seemed anything but impartial towards Marty. At Marty’s detention hearing in April 2016, she wouldn’t let his attorney finish the first sentence of his closing arguments. Also, she was so injudiciously nasty at Marty’s arraignment that afterwards a seasoned Fox radio court reporter asked:

“What was that?”

Bowler clearly seems to consider herself above the law and indeed has come under inquiry for similar behavior. In 1999, then-Chief Judge Young docketed a memorandum on how a defendant’s right to prompt bail findings had been violated under her watch. Nevertheless, 17 years later, she violated Marty’s same right under the Bail Reform Act.

Her failure to recuse herself from this case raises a serious question: the FBI could have brought the warrant application to any magistrate, so why did the agency choose her?

Then there’s Carmen Ortiz, Boston’s former U.S. Attorney and Program Associate and Training Coordinator at Harvard Law School’s Center for Criminal Justice. She was appointed by Harvard Law graduate Barack Obama. Crimson ties run deep. Ortiz’s office decided not to investigate Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital for civil rights violations against the Pelletiers, false statements its doctors made in sworn court paperwork, or Medicaid fraud.

Yet, Ortiz, who has quite the record of political prosecutions and harmful witch hunts, did decide to indict Marty, despite the proud American legal tradition of acting in the defense of others.

And there’s more elitist Crimson cronyism working against my husband: current acting Boston U.S. Attorney and Carmen Ortiz confidant William Weinreb, who has decided to continue prosecuting Marty despite the clear moral issues that the case presents, is a former treasurer of the Harvard Law Review. Both Assistant U.S. Attorneys on the case, Adam Bookbinder and David D’Addio, are Harvard alumni as well.

So, it appears by carefully weeding out anyone already familiar with the atrocities carried out by their alma mater’s hospital from my husband’s jury, and then prohibiting his attorney from even arguing that Marty legally acted in the defense of others, this Harvard alliance plans to make itself Marty’s judge, jury, and executioner.

Worse yet, prior to January 2016, we were told that if Marty didn’t take a plea, Adam Bookbinder would publicly call him a terrorist and seek a gag order to prevent Marty from responding. This echoes how Justina’s parents were unconstitutionally prohibited from speaking to journalists after the local Fox affiliate in Connecticut set up outside the courthouse. Taking further advantage of my husband’s skin color to intimidate him, Adam Bookbinder chose to schedule a meeting with my husband at the Boston federal courthouse the day the death sentence was handed down in the Boston Marathon bombing case. Now they’re threatening me unless I take down a YouTube clip of their sworn testimony confirming they never investigated the abuse of Justina.

Marty has already been in prison for 17 months. That’s about the same amount of time Justina spent forcibly separated from her family. His biological mother and legal adoptive father both died in that time. Magistrate Bowler wouldn’t even let him attend his dad’s funeral. They attempt to justify this by claiming that Marty fled justice, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Marty acted to prevent the grievous bodily harm and possible death of a child. That’s not only not a crime, but it is in fact the moral thing to do.

These Obama holdovers are now coming after me for highlighting their political corruption and liberal hypocrisy.

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, you know what it’s like to fight the Swamp and challenge the entrenched powers that be. I am asking you as a young wife, unyielding supporter of my husband’s fight against institutional child abuse, and proud American citizen to stop this corrupt persecution of my family. Instead, please investigate how on Earth Justina was held captive by elite, federally-funded medical institutions whose “care” caused her to suffer severe physical pain and lasting psychological trauma 24 hours per day for over a year, leaving her in a wheelchair more than three years later. Please see for reliable sources that back up the information mentioned in this letter.

I respectfully implore you to free my husband as a first step on the path to true justice for Justina and countless vulnerable medical hostages like her. Marty refused to look the other way at their suffering or protect their kidnappers. I urge you to act as boldly as my husband did to right the previous DOJ's wrongs.


Dana Gottesfeld

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