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NeuroGum is a sugar-free, nootropic energy gum. Nootropics are a class of compounds that improve one or more aspects of mental function such as working memory, motivation, and attention. NeuroGum uses ingredients shown to give your brain the boost it needs to function at its best. The first gum to utilize the effectiveness of nootropics along with natural ingredients scientifically proven to enhance cognition, NeuroGum helps unlock your potential by delivering ingredients that improve concentration, alertness, memory and overall cognition. All of this in a tasty gum that's aspartame free.

NeuroGum was introduced on the Dr. Oz show earlier this year. Rumor has it that a close friend let Dr. Oz try NeuroGum when OZ complained of being tired. The doctor has been hooked ever since. Dr. Oz has been known to film four episodes in one day! The doctor has been heard crediting his ability to deal with his long and strenuous production schedule to chewing NeuroGum regularly. It's no surprise that NeuroGum was featured on the Dr. Oz show. NeuroGum gives the doctor just the right amount of energy without the crash to take on the toughest of days…

The synergy of NeuroGum’s primary ingredients , caffeine, L-theanine, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 have been studied extensively through a number of clinical experiments to show positive results in the treatment of post-stroke aphasia, epilepsy, cognitive decline following heart and brain surgery, depression, dementia, and a list of other cognitive concerns.

The key to this gums amazing results is the interaction between L-theanine and caffeine. L-theanine, a natural constituent in green tea, has been used for treating anxiety, high blood pressure, possibly preventing Alzheimer’s disease, and making cancer drugs more effective. It has a chemical structure very similar to glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain. The combination of this amazing formula is what gives users that “conquer the world” feeling” says Dr. Steven Green, a neurologist.”This gum is truly unique in what it offers in terms of unlocking our untapped human potential.” Says Dr. Green “This winning combination sends your senses into over drive and gives you the focus and alertness you need to take on your days biggest challenges.”…

You might be a little skeptical about the results of NeuroGum, like I was. The results are very real: thousands of people have tried NeuroGum and countless published clinical studies report the beneficial effects of Nootropics as well as the main active ingredients in NeuroGum. I’m going to continue to chew NeuroGum to help me get through my day. It's helped me cut back on coffee drinking and the focus I now have is unreal , this gum really works. You can simply pop a gum in the morning and superman your way through the day, that’s nuts! If you add in the fact that it help you in the gym and with appetite suppression, don't be surprised if you lose a couple pounds even if your not trying to. I encourage you to try NeuroGum whether you need more energy or just want an extra edge, you will experience instant results.  

Good luck with your own brain hack!


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  1. A nootropic is broadly defined as “a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning.” Most modern nootropics are classified as nutritional supplements (vs. prescription medications), which are basically viewed by the FDA as food. What’s this mean for you?

    Basically, supplements manufacturers can make any claims they want, without having to provide a shred of evidence to support them. Keep this in mind, because we’ll talk about it again shortly.

    Over the past couple years, we’ve reviewed dozens of these brain health supplements, including popular options like Brain Storm Elite, Neuroflexyn, Addium, and many others. And customers don’t seem happy.

    Most of these products come with 2-star average ratings. Why? Mainly due to complaints of failure to work as advertised, high prices, and difficulty cancelling autoship programs or processing returns.

    Is this what you can expect with NeuroGum? Let’s start by taking a look at its ingredients.

    Here’s what we’re told about NeuroGum’s ingredients:

    Caffeine 40mg
    L-Theanine 60mg
    Vitamin B6 (30% daily value)
    Vitamin B12 (100% daily value)
    Quick note: Recommended daily allowances (RDA) can vary greatly between people. For example, vitamin B12’s RDA can range between 2.4mcg and 100mcg, depending on your age, gender, and whether or not you’re pregnant.

    Yes, it’s positive we’re told how much of each ingredient NeuroGum contains, since most supplements companies leave this out. However, we think it’s odd that NeuroGum’s manufacturer only included the RDAs for vitamin B6 and B12; not the actual content...

    Like most of the brain supplements we’ve reviewed, there’s very little clinical evidence showing that NeuroGum’s ingredients will provide the huge boost claimed by the manufacturer.

    Sure, NeuroGum’s caffeine content might temporarily increase alertness, but no more so than a half cup of coffee. So, depending on its price, it’s our opinion that NeuroGum might not be a “smart” choice.