Thursday, September 10, 2020

Trimetinib for progressive pediatric low-grade gliomas 2

15 year old adolescent asymptomatic female with neurofibromatosis and Beckwith-Weidemann treated with trimetinib for a progressively enlarging right cerebellar peduncular lesion.  Serial images postcontrast T1.


8/17/2020  Right brachium pontis lesion enhances over an area of 17 x 15 mmwith local mass effect without distortion of fourth ventricle. 
12/4/19  Slight decrease in the size of the enhancing focus in the right cerebellar hemisphere.
8/15/19  Significant improvement in the size and enhancement of lesions in the right basal ganglia, left cerebral peduncle, and right cerebellar peduncle compared to 05/06/2019  
5/06/19  In addition, overall enhancement within the right middle cerebellar peduncle lesion has also increased from the prior study, with increased adjacent T2/FLAIR hyperintense signal in the right middle cerebellar peduncle and the right cerebellum.


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