Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Riboflavin prophylaxis in child and adolescent migraine

Das R and Qubty W.  Retrospective observational study on riboflavin prophylaxis in child and adolescent migraine.  Pediatric Neurology |September 28, 2020 



To evaluate the efficacy of riboflavin in pediatric migraineurs. 

Study design 

A retrospective observational study was performed on 42 patients with migraine aged 6-18 years who were evaluated from January to December 2019 at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin Texas. Weight based dosing of riboflavin was recommended for migraine prevention. Descriptive statistics were used to study the population demographics. Nonparametric tests were used for inferential statistics to study the effect of riboflavin on headache frequency, intensity and duration. 


Patients treated with riboflavin had a significant reduction in headache days per month (frequency) at the first follow up visit at 2-4 months (T1) (11.07 d±10.52) compared to the baseline T0 (21.90 d±9.85); p<0.001 in regard to the primary outcome in 42 patients (mean age: 13.38±3.38). Mean headache intensity decreased from 8.85 (±6.41; T0) to 2.30 (±2.51; T1); p<0.001 on a 0-10 scale. The headache duration also reduced significantly from 18.23 h ±17.07 (T0) to 10.18 h ±10.49 (T1); p=0.001. There was a positive correlation between riboflavin efficacy and reduced utilization of acute medications (rs = 0.304; p=0.05). Riboflavin was useful in reducing the frequency and intensity in 2 patients with new daily persistent headache. 


Patients treated with riboflavin had a reduction in headache frequency, utilization of acute medications and days of school missed. Riboflavin prophylaxis also reduced migraine intensity and duration. Riboflavin is recommended as a safe, inexpensive and effective nutraceutical in the treatment of pediatric migraine. 

From article:  100 mg and 200 mg of riboflavin twice a day was recommended for children weighing 20-40 kg and above 40 kg respectively.

Courtesy of:  https://www.mdlinx.com/journal-summary/retrospective-observational-study-on-riboflavin-prophylaxis-in-child-and-adolescent-migraine/2nwFvN5932HMFLZDSKX64B 


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